Friday Favourites...I mean Saturday Favourites - Target Edition

Okay, so I know this usually is my "Friday Favourites" but since I always have an OOTD post for your guys on Friday, I thought I'd change this to "Saturday Favourites"...I know it doesn't have as nice a ring to it as "Friday Favourites" does but I can't seem to come up with a catchy for now "Saturday favourites" it is!

Last Thursday, my mom, sister, brother and I headed down across the border to do some shopping.  I was so excited to hit up Target.  Below is a few of our favourite things that we purchased...

Friday Favourites - Target Edition
My Favourites:
1) Black Cat Eye Sunglasses
2) Revlon Lip Butters
on this trip I picked up "Raspberry Pie" and I love it!
3) Maybelline Falsies Mascara
4) Merona Green Tote
5) Merona Boyfriend Watch in silver

Sister's Favourite:
6) Polka Dot Cross Body Bag

Mom's Favourite:
7) Striped Cross Body Bag
8) Polka Dot Scarf
this scarf is very J. Crew inspired and 
looks super cute with the new striped bag my mom got too

Who lovesTarget as much as me?!
Hope you all enjoy this Target Edition of my favourites things of the week!

Megs xo

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