Finding Myself Again

It's amazing how life can change within a mere two months.

Within that two months, I've separated from my marriage, moved into a new place, work has become extremely busy, I've met new people, began running four times a week and, above all, discovered new things about myself.

And yet, I'm still me.

I'm still the same person who is obsessed with fashion, has a shopping addiction, loves reality t.v., loves family time, blogging, Hawaii, a cheesy Nicholas Sparks book.

I'm still the same person who is passionate, emotional, happy, positive, a people pleaser.  

In saying that though, I think, in the last three years I had lost myself a little.

 I was so focused on fixing my marriage and  trying to grasp onto my life that was unraveling before my very eyes that I forgot about me.  I forgot what makes me happy, what I value, what's important to me.  I forgot to take time for myself, to do things for me.  I forgot to love myself.  

And in the last two months, I've found myself again. 

I've rediscovered my happiness, my values, what's important to me.

I've learned to value myself more, to be more sure of myself, know what I want and what I need from a relationship.  

And, above all, I've learned never to settle again.

I've learned that I deserve to be in a happy and loving relationship.  I deserve someone who wants to be their as much as I do, who wants to communicate, go through difficult times together, laugh together, have each other's backs, be best friends.

It feels so good to have found myself again. 

I was lost for a little while but I'm back and ready to conquer it all.

It's amazing to think of all the changes and discoveries I've made in just two short months......I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Change is exciting.

And I'm ready for it.


xo, Megan

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