Weekly Favourites

Last Saturday I posted about a rather serious life topic (here).  I just wanted to say thank you for all the comments, emails and messages I have received.  Your words of encouragement and positive thoughts mean the world to me.

You reminded me, once again, why I love my little part of cyberspace.

Now, for something this blog of mine is pretty used to....another favourites list!

I've found myself being drawn towards the more edgy, moto look this Fall - take this grey tee, cutout booties and faux leather jacket.  This has been my go to look for a few weeks now.  Simple, Fall like and on the edgy side.  Add a fun pair of earrings or the leopard flats instead of the booties and you've got a completely different look.  I've also loved this floral dress.  Pairing it with the cutout booties and faux leather jacket takes the girly floral down a notch and ups the edginess.

Weekly Favourites

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  1. I have the Target leopard loafers. I wear them all the time. Also, I've been eyeing similar boots to your Pacsun ones. I'm thinking I'm going to pull the trigger because they look comfy to walk in. Great picks!