Interior Designs Trends To Try

Here is what I'm loving right now:


These decorative trays are so pretty!  I'm super excited because a West Elm store has just opened in Vancouver - I may just have to buy a few for around our home!  I especially love the white and silver colors.

I love the look of this - beautiful white and pink accents!

Don't you just love a crisp, white living room.  It looks so clean and bright!  I also love the pops of pink they've added to the space!  I think I need to try and incorporate more white into our home.

ladder shelving

I am loving these "ladder shelves".  Not only are they super cute and useful but they also give a room a rustic feel...which I'm a huge fan of.

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Another great tray idea - I love that they've used the tray to hold some pretty coffee table books and magazines.  I also love the accents of pink.

lovely entry table or sofa table, decor and all.

I'm loving the black and white accents in this pic.  Very cute!

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Now, tell me, what's your favourite design trend at the moment?




  1. Love the ladder shelves the most....but all are truly inspirational!!


  2. I love those shelves too! I have yet to find one to actually buy that I like as much as the one in the pic!

  3. Hi Megan:)! Thanks for following my blog! Love these interior design inspirations! I'm following you now!

  4. Thanks so much for following me! I've just started my blog so I think you may be my first follower! If you have any tips or tricks for me, I'd love to hear them :)

  5. I'm still trying to figure this thing out too:)! I have no idea how to build a following. I see bloggers doing it for as long as I have, but the only difference is they have thousands of followers...and I don't! You have to be patient. And do it cause you really enjoy doing it and the rest will come. My best advice is to put yourself out there. Join every social media site. Pin all your things (Sign up for pinterest first:)! Some big social media sites of course Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin, Chicisimo, Chictopia, and that's all I can think of for now:). Best of luck my friend. Let me know if you have any questions and welcome to the blogging world:)!

  6. Looks like you already have the facebook and pinterest lol...I take that back;)

  7. Thanks so much for the tips. I've heard from other bloggers as well that it is a slow process starting off so I'm just going to try and be patient and get my name out there as much as possible!

    Talk soon!