Vintage Find

Just thought I'd share with you the awesome vintage item I found on the weekend at one of our local antique stores!  It's an old fashioned telephone - it's actually in working condition - we're not going to actually use it but I just like knowing we could....  I also found a wash board that dates back to the WW2 era.  Pretty incredible!!

I've never been into vintage things and, in fact, could never understand how someone could enjoy shopping for these old items.  To me, it was gross - I didn't want to own anything that someone else had owned.  After becoming obsessed with blogging, I discovered just how popular antiquing shopping is.  I had always wanted to check out a local antique store close to our this weekend I ventured out and my outlook on antique shopping has completely changed.  As soon as I stepped into the shop I felt the history around me and it was incredible to think about where all of those items had been and who had used it.  I have never been in one place that held so much history.  I definitely now know why people love shopping for great vintage finds - I felt a sense of joy knowing  I was able to hold onto someone else's history!

Are you a fan of antique shopping?
What has been the best vintage piece you have found?



  1. I love shopping for antique stuff Megan, it's like travelling though history. Great find!


  2. Great vintage finds Megan! I've never been antique shopping! I suppose if/when I have my own place I will definitely start a collection of my own:)!