A Gloomy Monday

I was about to say "Happy Monday All" and then I realized that the word "happy" may not be the right word to use on this particular Monday.  This morning I totally felt like staying in bed and listening to the torrential downpour going on outside from my nice cozy bed but, unfortuntely, life had other plans for me and I found myself not just listening but standing in the torrential downpour on my way in to work.  Man, I hate rainy Vancouver weather sometimes!
I hope everyone is having a better Monday than I am!


Coat:  H&M (few years ago)
Leggings: American Eagle (last month)
Scarf: American Eagle (last year)
Shirt: Old Navy (recentish, on sale)
Boots: Shoe Dazzle (few months ago)
Purse: Merona by Target (last week, on sale)
Necklace: Regina Pierallini (few months ago)
Watch: Target (last week)
Pandora Bracelet: Christmas gift
Cross Bracelet: Brandy Melville (last week)
Rope Bracelet: T&J Designs (few months ago)
Thanks for reading!


  1. You are absolutely adorable! Stripes are always a good choice! Hope you have a better day tomorrow!!!
    xo TJ

  2. There's nothing worse than having to get out of bed on a cold rainy Monday morning! On the bright side, your outfit is super cute! Love the touches of mint and teal:)!

  3. Aww well at least you looked chic for the down pour haha! Seriously, that minty striped top is so pretty. Hope your Thursday is going way better ;)

  4. I think we all feel the same way about Mondays. Even worse when it's pouring out. I LOVE your bag, great color!

  5. I love that blouse! I totally get what you mean. Someone let their dog out early this morning and it barked nonstop. I finally gave up on sleep! (And it was freezing and raining... why would they just leave it out there?)


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  6. I like your top! Sorry you had to go to work in the pouring rain :( It's icy/rainy here and work has been cancelled for two days! So I'm writing this from my warm house in my pjs :)