Home Decor Sunday - Patios

Since we've had such beautiful weather in Vancouver recently, I thought I'd share some patio ideas.  Our weather has felt more like summer than spring.
In fact, I think this has gotten a lot of people thinking about being outside more - 
why not start with your own back yard?!  

Here's a few patio ideas I'm loving right now.

I love the white wicker furniture in this picture and the vintage looking coca cola picture.  
Very vintage inspired and also feels very southern and inviting.

What drew me to this picture was all the incredible blue hues surrounding this patio.
From the cushions to the vases, to the hydrangea flowers - everything feels so Springy.

Now, this patio may have an unfair advantage just because of it's location.  Who doesn't want to eat dinner on the water every night, at dusk, watching the sunset?!  
Anyway, besides the gorgeous view in this photo, I really was drawn to the beautiful greens.  
I especially love the large green umbrella over the table and the patterned carpet.  
The beautiful greens and blues in the carpet pick up the grass and water surrounding the table.  

I could definitely eat a dinner or two on this patio.

I thought this was a very simple idea that anybody could really do.  
I love the little love seat and the yellow and green cushions.  
I could definitely see sitting out there in the evenings in front of the burning candle lantern.  
And the best thing, you could enjoy this area rain or shine because it's undercover.

I loved this photo because of the chandelier   Who would think to put a chandelier outside?  
I love it and think it would be perfect for a bachelorette pad.  I also love the shelvin -very unique.

This picture screamed Tuscany to me - between the vines growing over the patio, the rock work/door frame in the background to the olive green/coral/beige color scheme - perfetto!! 
I would love to spend an afternoon lounging around in this backyard and taking dips into the pool.  It's a very inviting setting that would be perfect for entertaining. 

Happy Sunday!

Megs xo

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