Home Decor Sunday: Gold Accents

This post was inspired by those two little gold animal figurines that I scored at Target a few weeks ago at half price.  I can't tell you what drew me to them but I thought they were adorable and now they have a permament home in our living room.

Anyway, here's some more great gold finds from Target.
I love gold decorative accents as it adds warmth to any room.

Home Decor Sunday: Gold Accents

Animal Figurines / Vase / Metallic Pillow /  Mesh and Tweed Pillow / Candle Holder /
Starburst Mirror / Leaf Tray / Lamp Base / Lampshade

Happy Sunday and Happy Father's Day to my Dad (eventhough he doesn't read my blog - lol) :)

xo, Megan

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