Here's two things I've noticed lately:

1) I'm obsessed with my Zara studded flats
2) I've worn my leggings a lot lately

And, yes, you are right.  I'm completely and totally obsessed with these flats.  I think they add interest to an otherwise boring outfit and let's all just admit the studs are just simply awesome.

As far as leggings go, let me give you some background info as to why my leggings were a necessity last week..... 

You know those times when life seems to just throw you curve ball after curve ball?  Well, that was last week.  Not only was my husband in school and having to study for tests, we were also having to get up extra early for his schooling (we commute together so that meant I had to get up early too).  And by early, I mean 4:30 am early.  Ugh, I know.  I can't even type that without yawning.  We were also having to make quite a large life changing decision in amongst the studying and lack of sleep.

Anyway, let's just say, it's my leggings that got me up at 4:30 am and kept me going for those 13 hours a day until I was able to go home and throw on my pj's.  

That's life for us right now.  It's not always easy but we always seem to make it through it together and that's really all that matters.

outfit details:

Jean jacket: Forever 21 (few years ago) / similar
Shirt: Old Navy (last year) / different colors
Leggings: Dynamite (old) / here
Shoes: Zara (few weeks ago) / here
Watch: Target / here
Necklace: Stella & Dot / here
Scarf: Anthropologie / here
Bag: Mintage (Vancouver based vintage store)
Megs xo


  1. Great look! Leggings are the best!

  2. If it ain't broke why fix it?! ;) You look ace in those flats (I want them!) & at least you are getting good wear out of them & they aren't stuck in the back of your wardrobe! Who doesn't love leggings?! Andrea x


  3. I love leggings!!! They are a must, especially in the winter under dresses. Love your stud flats.

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  4. Love the color of your top paired with the scarf!

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  6. At 4:30 in the morning I would look like a complete and utter mess. But you look amazing girl! I say more outfits with leggings:)))! P.S. Lavender is sooooo your color! And I love the scarf and studded flats! :)