regina pierallini jewelry design.

Over the past year, I have become a huge fan of Regina Pierallini's Jewelry Design and I have purchased several of her pieces.

Today, I thought I'd show you some of my most beloved pieces from her line.

The best news....Regina has also offered all of my readers 20% off their purchase.  
Use the code BF101Deal at checkout.

*the best part about these bangles is that they are actually stretchy so they will fit any wrist size*

Not only are her designs both versatile and classic, but they are of impeccable quality.  And, not to mention, Regina is such a delight to work with - it is evident she really cares for her business.

Remember to visit Regina's website and to use promo code BF101Deal at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase.

Happy Shopping!

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xo, Megan


  1. i like all this picture collections, is so pretty
    about the side cross have you know the meaning or she have no meaning just like what i read her:

    please reply me if this is right
    thanks and nice post

    1. Hi Sara,
      From what I understand, there is no meaning to the sideways cross necklace - only the general meaning of what a cross means. Glad you like her pieces - they really are beautiful.