Timing.  It's a funny thing. 

It's one of  those things that we try to have control over constantly.  We time life according to "what is supposed to happen" - like when we're supposed to be finishing university, starting a career, getting married, when we're supposed to start having kids.  Down to what time we should be eating dinner, going to be bed, getting up in the morning.  Life is on a schedule, whether we like it or not.  

However, there are things in life we just don't have control over.   And let me just tell you, I've seen first hand the lack of control we sometimes can have.

You see, I met the most perfect man last year just a few short months after I separated from my first husband.  To say I was not looking for something serious or, really, anything at all is an understatement.  I thought that I was supposed to be single for awhile.  Figure myself out first and really heal from the horrible break up I had just gone through.

And then he showed up.  And my little world was flipped upside down in the most magical way possible.  I quickly learned that I didn't necessarily need time alone to heal.  He was helping me do it in the most amazing way possible.  You see, he had been through a very similar situation a few years before.  And at 26, it's hard to find someone who can relate.  Most of my friends weren't even married, let alone divorced and as much as my parents and family were there to listen they couldn't quite get it - let's face it, my parents have been married for over 30 years.  Divorce wasn't high on their list of expertise.

Not long after we met, I realized that I never wanted to be apart from him.  We just always had fun together.  And I very quickly learned what it was supposed to feel like to really be in the right relationship.  You see, he wanted to be with me as much as I wanted to be with him. 

However, with all the lovely things that were happening in my life, I still had this tiny voice in my head telling me that it's not the right timing - this wasn't supposed to happen to you right now.  You were supposed to have some "me" time before finding the right one.  I also was having a hard time trusting in myself.  I had chosen so horribly the first time that I was having a hard time trusting that this time, I was making the right decision.

So I talked about it - with him, my parents, friends, a counsellor and everyone of them said the same thing - you can't time things because everything in life happens for a reason.  And I truly believe that he came to me right when I needed him most.  He's been there through some of the hardest times in my life and has helped me get to the place I'm at now. It's crazy to think that we fell in love while he helped me heal from my break up.

I seriously, to this day, can't understand how I got so lucky.  He's just simply the best and he's shown me how perfect he'll be as my partner in life.  I couldn't have asked for anything better.  And I truly believe, I was supposed to go through a failed marriage because that failed married brought me to the person I am supposed to be with forever.  And for that, well, I can't be more grateful.

I really just had to learn to trust.

Trust that things will work out the way they're supposed to.
Trust that everything happens for a reason.
Trust that there were reasons God brought the two of us together.
Trust the lessons I learned from my first marriage.
Trust my gut, my feelings, my heart.

Timing. It really is a funny thing.

xo, Megan


  1. Wow. What a cool post. I'm so happy for you especially after everything you have been through! When you find the right person, it's someone who you can truly be yourself around and makes you happy....regardless of timing, you cannot let that go. So happy for you.

  2. Things happen when you least expect it. Enjoy it :)



  3. Wow what an amazing post!!

    You sound like you are truly happy and from where I am sitting it is not you who is truly blesse my dear.......... it is him for being with you!! :)