this spot.

So we're back, guys.  Back from the most wonderful trip I've ever been on.  And I'm not going to lie, the last few days have been hard.  Hard being back to reality (not that reality is bad or anything), hard being back to the rainy, gray days of Fall, back to work, back to life.

And while I love life, and am super excited for this new little life and new husband of mine, I can't help but feel a bit of sadness for a trip that had to come to an end.  And I know all trips have to come to an end at some point but, honestly, it really was the best trip.

And, yes it was partly because we were in Maui, enjoying the beaches, Hawaiian sun, eating and drinking too much - but really the best part of the whole thing was the company.  Not only did we have the best time with both of our families but we had the best time with each other.  It really solidified how much of a perfect fit we are.

See that spot?  That perfectly sandy, spot on the beach?  Yeah, that spot is the place we committed to being together forever.  We went back the last night of our trip and it was almost as special as the day we said our "I do's".

It was the perfect way to end a perfect trip.

In the weeks coming, I'm going to be posting pics from our trip and the wedding.  Hope you're okay with that.  I'm partly doing it for me - I think it'll help ease into reality if I can write about our trip and wedding and browse our pictures anytime I feel a little blue about the grayness out my window.

So you can expect those posts coming soon.

Oh and just so everyone knows, I really am beyound thrilled to be married - we're still in that blissful stage of newlywed bliss - just giddy, really.  We both just wish we were continuing this newlywed blissful stage of our marriage in Hawaii - but you can't have everything I guess! ;)

Gosh I love this guy.  Seriously, I didn't think you could love so hard and then he came along and everything changed.

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  1. SO cute! Can't wait to see more pictures. Love your clutch, too!

  2. You guys are adorable! What a sweet couple, I'm so happy for you!!

  3. COngratualtions. I love your playsuit, especially the sequins. Fab clutch too! Your husband looks lovely.

  4. i was just on vacay last month and I'm super missing it now especially as I'm looking at these photos!!!
    gorgeous scenery!

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  5. Wow. That is a lovely spot indeed. I wish I could go to Hawaii, when my boyf and I plan a trip, we always look somewhere we can go to a beach :)

    By the way, I just updated my blog with a new post. I’d love for you to swing by: