pregnancy update - week 14.

Now that my energy is picking up, I am so excited to be starting my weekly pregnancy update series!  I'm not exactly sure how to run this but I think it'll probably work best to summarize the last week (so do these one week behind).

I am starting with week 14 and will update every Friday since that is when I switch over to the next week.  So technically, today, I am 15 weeks pregnant, but this post is a summary of week 14.

I will also try and do a bump photo(s) as I think it will be fun to document the progress of my growing bump

How far along?: 14 weeks

Baby is the size of: Lemon

Maternity Clothes?: Yes - I've been wearing maternity pants for awhile and I just started buying a few maternity tops.  I can still get away with some of my regular tops.  And I'm sure this will be the case for a while but I have been surprised at how many of my tops are not fitting.  Not only in the tummy area but also in the bust area.  I guess they do fit per say but they are just extremely uncomfortable.  And if you've ever been pregnant you know how much comfort is key.

Symptoms: headaches, a bit of nausea, dizziness (biggest issue this week)

Sleep: Sleep has been okay.  I've been finding that I am most comfortable sleeping on my side with a pillow between my legs.  I've also been noticing that I've been waking up a few times a night just due to discomfort - especially back pain discomfort.

Best moment this week: Hearing the baby's heart beat for the first time.  We had an utlrasound done back at 8 weeks but the baby was too small to actually hear the heartbeat.  Like the ultrasound and seeing the baby for the first time, hearing it's little heartbeat for the first time confirmed there is really is a baby in there - what a special moment it was!

Worst moment this week: Dizziness episode when I was out shopping - I think I came very close to fainting.  What a terrible feeling!Thankfully I was with my husband and we were able to find somewhere to sit until the feeling passed.  Since then, I've had dizzy spells on and off.

Have you told family and friends yet?: We've told close family and friends.

Miss anything?:  My regular jeans.  I have a couple pairs of maternity jeans but they just aren't the same as regular jeans.

Movement: No - still too early.

Food cravings: Grapefruit juice, grapes, fruit roll ups (weird, I know)

Anything make you queasy or sick?:  I was cooking chicken the other day and the smell made me feel queasy.  I was fine to eat it once it was cooked though.

Have you started to show? Yes

Gender prediction: My husband and all of our family seems to think it's a girl.  I tend to be leaning towards a girl as well - but I wonder if I'm feeling this way simply because everyone else thinks it's a girl!

Belly button in or out?: In

Wedding rings on or off?: On

Happy or moody most of the time?: Mostly happy

Looking forward to: Getting our stroller delivered in the next few days.

 xo, Megan

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