There's an unspoken truth to pregnancy that nobody hears about until you're living it.   Pregnancy is definitely a miracle and the changes that your body goes through are incredible.  And while I'm loving being pregnant those changes that happen to your body are no joke.   Each day tends to bring a new symptom and it's been simply incredible getting to watch my body transform.  Some days, I feel great!  And some days, well, I feel not so great!  But I wouldn't change any symptom, challenge, unspoken truth because it's giving me the biggest miracle yet and I couldn't be more excited.

But while all that excitement is happening, I've also felt a sense of longing for my old body back - how I wish I had cherished my body more last Summer - if I had only known that that Summer would be the last Summer I'd have that body, well, I would have enjoyed wearing all those cute non-maternity clothes more, I would have had more fun with styles and trends and not been so uncomfortable in a bathing suit. And while I know I won't be pregnant forever,  it's inevitable that some things about your body change after pregnancy forever.

They have to.

And I get it.

But it doesn't make it any easier to let go.  Right now, I'm sharing my body and I will be for awhile and I'm MORE than happy with that but, sometimes, it's hard! I just keep telling myself to enjoy this time - it'll be gone before I know it and our little boy will be with us and I'll no longer be pregnant. And while, I'm excited to meet him, I also just want to enjoy every part of my pregnancy - even the hard, annoying, uncomfortable parts.  Because, that's just it, all those hard, annoying, uncomfortable parts are part of pregnancy - and I want to experience pregnancy to it's fullest....and not just wish it away.

And while I admit that pregnancy is hard, I also wake up each morning to little kicks and punches.  And just in that moment when I feel the uncomfortableness of pregnancy, I feel hims kick, or see my tummy move from the outside or I place my hand on my tummy and feel his tiny little arm or leg  punch my hand and it's as if he's letting me know it's all going to be worth it.

And in that moment, there's no where else I'd rather be.  

No other body I'd rather be in.

Pregnancy, it really is an incredible thing.

[outfit details]
Jean Jacket: H&M (similar) / White Denim: Target / Tee: Thyme Maternity / Flats: Old Navy / 
 Bag: Michael Kors / Long Necklace: The Giving Keys / Watch: Michael Kors

*pics taken at 24 weeks, one day*

 xo, Megan


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