Jewelry Organization Ideas

By now, you should know that I am a jewelry fanatic!  With that being said, I've had to come up with a way to store all of my jewels in some sort of organizational manner.

Here are a few ideas that I have used and some that I have yet to try but could be very useful:

1) Trays:

Detailed View
Tray from West Elm.  I have a similar version in our bathroom.  It's great for all nick-nacks - including jewelry

Wood Tray, Square, Silver
Here's another tray option from West Elm - these come in many, many colors
Porcelain Stripe Trays
Smaller trays work well for your everyday jewelry -
this pic is just one set of many different designs that West Elm carries
I often store my everyday stud earrings and my wedding rings on it when I go to bed
2) Jewelry Boxes:

One of my jewelry boxes almost exactly resembles the white one in the picture above.
I store my watches in this. I purchased mine at Home Sense.
The above pictures is courtesy of
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Anika Dresser Top Armoire
My other jewelry box resembles this one and is from Cosco.
This one is so great because  it has many compartments to keep different types of jewelry organized.
3) Hooks:

Nystrom - Espresso Board with 4 Hat & Coat Hooks - Pewter - 37751 - Home Depot Canada
I use a hook similar to this (mine is more decorative but you get the idea) to hang some of  my statement necklaces.
Not only is it a great way to see what you have but it's also nice to use your necklaces as a decor piece
I'm not sure if this is considered a hook but it is something that would get hung so for all  intensive purposes,
I'm including it in the hook section.
Anyway, I have one of these (mine's not as big) and it hangs behind our bedroom door.
This one holds all of my Stella & Dot jewelry.
Since I need to be able to bring my jewelry with me to different trunk shows,
I need easy accessibility to it but I also want easy accessibility to it at home so I can easily wear it.
Mine is from Home Sense.
Here is a link to the picture above:
4) Travel Pouches:

This is from Stella & Dot and is called a "Jewelry Roll.
This is great for traveling and the inside cloth is
 made to protect your jewelry

Another great Stella & Dot option for
those you take lots of jewelry with them
when they go away

Here is another travel option at a more affordable price.
For some reason I wasn't able to paste a photo of it in this post :(
Anyway, here is the link to it:

5) Jewelry Trees

Detailed View
Jewelry Trees are another fun way to display your jewelry.
This particular one is from West Elm but I know you can get them at Home Sense,
Marshall's Home Goods and Target (just to name a few).
Here is a link to the one above:
Eiffel Tower Jewelry Holder
Here is a fun one - The Eiffel Tower!

Hope this has given you some good ideas for fun ways to store and display jewelry.  I'd love to hear if you have other fun ways of storing or displaying your jewels....



  1. Love this!! I'm always trying to find creative ways to organize everything! I've actually turned a coat rack into a necklace holder. Love!

    ox from NYC!


    1. I'm so glad this was helpful for you (and that I'm not the only one with a jewelery obsession!)