One of those days....

Ever have those days when you feel like you could literally sleep all day....I had one of those mornings today.  I was so exhausted last night that I didn't even go to yoga and went to bed super early.  Despite this, I still woke up this morning feeling super sleepy.  Even my two cups of coffee have not helped me wake up!!  With all the sleepiness, I just couldn't fathom the idea of dressing up today hence my super casual look....

~ Blazer - Aritzia (few years old)
~ Shirt - Garage (last year)
~ Leggings - Aritzia (last year)
~ Scarf - J Crew (few weeks ago and on sale - I can no longer find in online!)
~ Purse - Guess (summer, 2012) - no longer available
~Flats - Spring (few weeks ago)
~ Bubble Necklace - Etsy (last week)
~ Bow Ring - Aldo (recent) Does this ring remind you of this J Crew Ring? Except for the price of course my ring (actually came with 2 rings, one gold and one silver) was only $12.00 versus the J Crew ring for $72.00!
~ Watch - Nixon (old)
~ Bracelet - my Stella & Dot website 

Hope everyone has a good day :)  I'm just going to try and make it through the day without nodding off at my desk and then go home and rest  Hopefully by tomorrow morning I will feel rejuvenated again!



  1. I ordered that scarf and am patiently waiting for it to arrive :) I love your bow ring, you look great!

    1. haha - I think this scarf is a pretty popular one this year!! Every girl I know seems to be ordering it :)

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