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Today, since it's Saturday.  I thought I'd feature my favourites and a home decor post all in one.  So, here are a few of my favourite home decor items that I'm loving right now....

I've claimed my love for trays here on my blog before....and I still love them. 
My favourite is the white one - just so crisp and clean looking

When I was pursuing the West Elm website, I couldn't help but be attracted to these little owls.  Aren't they adorable?!

I love the fun patterns these trays come in.  Perfect trays for accessories and knickknack items!

I really love the ikat pattern on this pillow.

I love the grey and white stripe trays.  Again, perfect for knickknacks. 

I thought these coral topped bottles were so neat.  Not only do they have the beautiful coral but the jewels are beautiful as well.  And, they are a great place to, again, store knickknacks.  I thought in a bathroom they would look beautiful - with cotton balls or q-tips.  

I love me some coral.  I don't really know why because my house is no where decorated to a beach theme but I just think a nice piece of coral is so beautiful.  I got mine at Marshalls but I thought the one from pottery Barn was beautiful too.  The one from Marshalls is beautiful because it has a beautiful glass base on it.  Here's what mine looks like:

I thought these clear glass canisters were so pretty.  They'd look so cute in a bathroom filled with cotton balls or q-tips.  But, I also thought they'd look cute in a family room or kitchen filled with candy.

I love these striped hand towels.  I'd get the monogrammed version.

Happy Saturday!

Megs xo

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  1. Great selection of items! I am in love with those owls!
    Going to check out the website now.