Home Decor Sunday - Shelving Decor

Today's Home Decor Post is all about shelving.  
With house prices in Vancouver rising, a lot of people are having to downsize.  
I love the idea of shelving for smaller homes because they let you:
a) decorate with your favourite decor pieces; and
b) they give you nice storage options without making a room feel too cluttered or cramped. 

Here's some shelving ideas that I'm loving right now....

I love this type of shelving because not only does it act as shelving for your various items, but it also acts as a room divider if you want some separation for two different spaces.

Ladder shelving is a unique way to showcase various items.  I love how they've added dishes to these shelves - great for houses that have small kitchens and lack cupboard space.

I had to add this photo because as a girl who loves fashion, it would be my dream to have a cabinet just dedicated to my shoes.  I think shoes are so pretty so why not make them into a piece of art.  It's such a great idea especially for girls living on their own.  I'd do this in a heartbeat if I still lived alone.  Some how I don't think my husband would appreciate this art like I do ;)

I love this shelving - it looks like they've used old drawers and made shelving out of them.  
I love the uniqueness and interest it creates to the room.  

I love these kitchen shelves.  Great for added storage, accessibility when your cooking and overall, doesn't it just look cute?

Happy Sunday :)

Megs xo

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