Home Decor Sunday - Blue

Today's topic is blue furniture.  
I love anything that has a vintage/country feel to it so robin egg blue furniture is beautiful in my books!  

Here's a few ways of how to add a vintage/country flare to any room in your home....

If I had a mud room, I'd want something like this in it.  Not only is it functional but it's pretty too.  
Perfect if you ask me.

I love this blue buffet hutch in this dining room.  It is very country"ish" and very unexpected in a dining room, which I like.  It creates a more laid back casual space while the chandelier adds a touch of fanciness and elegance to the room.

I love this cabinet.  Perfect for a country styled kitchen.

This dresser is beautiful.  
I love the antique finish to it and I also love the matching mirror and chair.  Very vintage.

This is how you create a functional yet stylish work space.  Perfecto!

I love everything about this room.  This room screams vintage.  I love the old window panes hanging on the wall, the white furniture and especially the blue furniture in the centre of the room.  It's a great focal point for this otherwise plain space.

Happy Sunday! 

Megs xo

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  1. Such pretty pieces/spaces! I love that country/vintage/cottage feel! If I ever own a home one day (hopefully I'll get married and move out of my parents home b/f I'm 100 yrs old) I would love to use these colors! I'm crazy for coastal theme/sea blue (yes, the blog kinda gives it away lol)!