a mismatched shoe story.

Hopefully this little shoe story will brighten up your Monday.....

Last Thursday morning started out like any other day.  I was on my way to work with a hot cup of coffee in hand and donning a cute Spring outfit.  I take a commuter train to work each day and, that day, was like any other.  I boarded the train, sat in my usual seat and got comfy for my 35 minute ride.  Right before we hit the very first stop after my own, I decided to put my purse on the floor at my feet (it is important to note that I never but my purse at my feet. Like never.) When I glanced down at my feet a second time, I was stunned to see two different shoes on my feet.  

Yes, you heard me correct. 

I had two different shoes on my feet.


I instantly panicked and had a number of thoughts rush through my head.  How many people saw me with two different shoes on?!  I can't go all day with two different shoes on my feet!  I have a meeting today and can't walk into the meeting with two different shoes on my feet! If I get off the train now who will come rescue me?!

In those panic stricken moments, I decided it was best to get off the train and figure it out from there.  
After a few phone calls, my brother came to my rescue.  He drove me back to my car and I proceeded to drive myself home to switch shoes.  I was hoping that I could make the next train that was arriving half an hour later, but, the whole process took way longer than I had anticipated.  So, my only option was to take the very last train (which put me an hour late). 

On a side note, when I called my boyfriend to see if he could come get me I told him my problem and then proceeded to say "I know you probably don't think it's that big of a deal but I can't go all day with mismatched shoes!"  His response, "Ummmmm....hello!  It is a big deal.  You have a fashion blog for goodness sake"!  And that is the very reason why I love him.  
So back to the story....

It is now 8am and at that point in the morning, my coffee was now frozen (remember, it's been ready since about 6:45am) as was my body temperature because I had only worn a Spring coat and, obviously, had not anticipated sitting outside for so long waiting to be rescued from my mismatched shoe nightmare!

I boarded the train, for a second time that morning anticipating the 35 minute ride.  Well, wouldn't you know it, but two stops away from my own stop, the doors wouldn't shut.  And we literally sat at that station with the doors wide open (remember, I'm already freezing (and coffee deprived)) for about 25 minutes while the conductors tried to fix those darn doors.

So to sum up, what usually is a 50 minute commute turned into a two hour and 40 minute commute all because I was half asleep when I picked my shoes that morning.

Needless to say, I doubled checked my shoe choice Friday morning.

And that, my friends, is a true story.

xo, Megan

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  1. How cute! I always wear my best shoes on Mondays to cheer me up :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  2. Oh my goodness!!!!! Lol. That is such an awesome story!!!!

  3. I laughed out loud when I read this! I was hoping for a pic of the mismatched shoes ;) I almost walked out of the house with different shoes on, I can appreciate your panic when you realized it. You def made my day! Thanks for the laugh!

    1. Haha - funny you mention a picture because as I wrote this post I thought I should have instagramed my mismatched shoes....but obviously at the time I had other things on my mind other than instagraming it. lol! Glad I made your day :)

  4. O my goodness, I can't believe you did that. Definitely one to tell the grandchildren! You have a real gift for telling stories too!

    1. Thanks Lorna! Definitely a morning I won't soon forget :)

  5. Oh no! This story is hilarious! But must have sucked to lived it. Hopefully that never happens again!