10 Budget Tips - actually 11, I thought of another good one last night :)

I thought I'd spend some time outlining my budget tips.  Being a lover of all things fashion-related, I have come to learn that I do not have an endless budget I can spend on these items.  Especially now, since I am married and have bills to pay and mortgages to pay, I know that I can't be spending as much as I want (or used to) on new clothes or new items for our home....so, I had to come up with a way to be able to feed my fashion-craving without breaking the bank....here are my tips to do this:

Budget Tip #1: You know how most girls, ogle over celebrity style or anyone for that matter who is sporting a designer item that you absolutely love and "must have" but you can't afford the expensive price tag....instead of breaking the bank, take your time to research where you can get that item at a lesser price.  A lot of expensive items seem to be redone by a more inexpensive designer, of course with the odd difference, and if you take your time to find those items, it will save you lots of money in the end.  I usually spend sometime on the internet researching stores and  then if I am unsuccessful on the web, I spend time scouring those inexpensive stores until I find what I am looking for.  It may take sometime but it'll definitely save you tons of money in the end!

Budget Tip #2: Do NOT spend a lot of money on trendy items that you know will probably be out of style by next season. Forever21 is a great place to shop for those inexpensive, trendy items. I think it's okay to spend a little more on pieces that are classic and that you know are going to be a very timeless piece in your wardrobe.

Budget Tip #3: Following up on my #2 tip, I also think it's okay to spend a little more money on neutral items that are going to be very versatile.  Remember, versatile means that you probably bought the item to go with a lot of different outfits so the better quality the item is, the longer it will last. (Usually those neutral items include, black or nude shoes, black dress pants, etc).  Also, most of the time those versatile pieces never really go out of style so you usually don't have to worry that it will become dated quickly.

Budget Tip #4:  Buy clothing that is suitable to the climate you live in.  For example, I don't think it is necessary to buy Uggs if you live in Hawaii.  How many times do you really think you'll "need" them in the heat?!  Or, for instance, I live in Vancouver, where it rains a good portion of the year, so I might be wise to invest in a good pair of Hunter rain boots.  Because I would wear those rain boots so much, it might be worth it for me to spend the extra bit of money to get a really good pair.  See my point?!

Budget Tip #5: Create a monthly budget for how much you can spend on fashion items and home decor.  This way there is no grey area.  You know how much you can spend and you know when you have to stop.

Budget Tip #6: Shop your own closet.  You'll be amazed at what you'll find you've forgotten you even owned!  I love finding something that I forgot I had because it feels like something brand new!

Budget Tip #7: Buy pieces that can be mix and matched with various items in your closet.  This will create lots of versatility to your wardrobe.  I LOVE dresses but I have to say that these are not the most versatile pieces because you don't have as many things you can mix and match them with (besides accessories).  I think skirts are a great option to mix and match with because you can buy various colored skirts and pair them with a number of different tops to create different looks.

Budget Tip #8:  Make sure you buy not only what you think looks good on you but also what you FEEL good in.  I can guarantee you, if you feel good in it, you'll wear it more.

Budget Tip #9:  Be patient and wait until it goes on sale.  This is especially important at those more expensive stores (ie: Aritizia, Banana Republic, Gap, J. Crew) because usually these types of stores are known to quite frequently reduce their prices.  I know recently, I got a top at J. Crew for $10 that was regular $58 - who would spend that for just a t-shirt!?

Budget Tip #10: Following up on my #9 tip, look for sales.  Sometimes it pays to shop around a bit  to find the best price out there.  Often stores will carry very similar items and so if you shop around to compare prices, you'll end up getting the best deal around!

Budget Tip #11: You know when you checkout at a store they usually tell you that if you fill out the store's survey online, you'll get a percentage off your next purchase.....well, I ALWAYS take advantage of this .  Why not?!  To me it's free money.  I also sign up online to receive emails and promotions from stores because periodically coupons will be sent out.  Also, you will usually get perks through these emails for "Friends and Family Events" where you can save even more money.  Why not use coupons as much as you can?!

Hope these tips are helpful!  Let me know if you have any tips you find useful....



  1. Those are great tips ! I actually live by many of them when it comes to shopping !
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  2. Thank you so much for those budget tips, me as a shopacholic really need to watch my money, but I just love everythign that is fashionrelated and cant help myself. You have a nice blog and def a new follower :-


    <3 Ani