Green with Envy

Happy Friday everyone!  Okay I know you may not be green with envy as the title says but I thought it was a catchy title - no?!

Here's my outfit of day for you all:
  • Pants - Old Navy (Recent and on sale - the sale price may make you envious if you can't find them at your local store - hence the title) 
  • Shirt - Ross (a few years old)
  • Belt - I don't even know where this belt is from, it may have even come with a dress or something I bought)
  • Sandals - Steve Madden via Sterling Shoes (this summer)
  • Purse - J. Crew (recent and SUPER on sale - YES!!)
  • Watch - Relic
  • Bracelet - my Stella & Dot website
  • Necklace - my Stella & Dot website - this is the silver version

Anyone have any exciting plans for the weekend?!  My husband and I have a fun-filled weekend ahead of us starting with a board game night with some good friends tonight!  Now, just to get through the work day..... 



  1. I just got those pants and I love them! Love your spike bracelet!

    1. Aren't the pants the best, and so cheap! Thanks so much :)