repeat outfit with a few changes

Hi all!  Here's a repeat outfit for you with a few twists.  I first wore this outfit here....and here's how I changed it up:

- Jacket: H&M
- Dress: H&M 
- Scarf: Zara (last year)
- Shoes: Walmart
- Purse: Kate Spade
- Necklace: Forever 21 (old)
- Watch: Nixon
- Bracelet: Ily Couture - here

Hope everyone has a great sister and I are taking a self defence course tonight so by tomorrow, I should be able to take down anyone who crosses me. Scared?  Didn't think so. ;)

Stay tuned for this week's Budget Friendly Holiday Gift Guide...

Megs xo


  1. I spotted that dress at H&M yesterday, but was in a rush so I didn't try it on! I'm's such a cute dress! Love it on you:)!