pillow talk.

Anyone that knows me, knows I'm a bit obsessed with pillows.

My latest pillow obsession has been the pillows from Chapters.  It started right before Christmas - they were having a deal on all of their pillows and I had a gift card so I bought two.  A Christmasy one and one I had had my eye on for awhile. 

Anyway, that sparked an obsession in me.  So when it was getting close to Valentine's day, I had taken note of all the new pillows they had recently gotten in and I had fallen in love with several of them.

Low and behold two of them (this one and this one) were waiting for me on Valentine's day from a certain special someone.  

Plus, I had to throw in a few from Target.  Because, well, it's Target and I'm obsessed with Target too.  I have this pillow and I'm in love!  

pillow talk.

first row:
 left / middle / right
second row:
left / middle / right
third row:
left / right
fourth row:
left / middle / right

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