....from my little family to yours.

You know what I feel today?  Complete and utter peace.  Like this exact moment, in this exact place, with these exact people, is EXACTLY where I'm supposed to be this Christmas.   It feels like one of those moments where I'd like to just bottle up and save forever and ever.  It's just that good.

I feel so blessed, fortunate, happy, excited, loved, content. And while, I'm sure there are a few presents under the tree for me, I just feel like I have everything I could ever want or need sitting right here beside me.

My two boys are my everything and some how, this Christmas, santa brought me exactly what I wanted and needed most in my life.  Or maybe it was God or some power of the universe I am unaware of.  But whatever it is,  I gotta send a little gratitude out into the world because it's this moment and every other moment this year and the people that have shared in those moments that remind me how beautiful life really is.

So Merry Christmas and, in fact, Happy Everything.  
Because, really, happiness is what makes life so beautiful.

 xo, Megan

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