pregnancy update - week 18.

How far along?: 18 weeks (I do these a week behind so I'm actually 19 weeks)

Baby is the size of: Sweet potato or bell pepper.  Sometimes these fruit/veggie references don't make sense to me.  I mean, a sweet potato can really vary in size!

Maternity Clothes?: Yes!  Last week I spent the majority of the week trying to fit into my regular clothes for work so on Saturday I went shopping with my mom and sister and found some great maternity things for work, along with some cardigans and maternity tees.  So now I should be good to go for awhile.  My mom's best advice so far - stop trying to fit into your regular clothes and embrace the maternity clothes!  I think I don't have a choice but to heed her advice - lol

Symptoms: Feeling pretty normal this week - apart from a bit of back pain and pelvic pain.

Sleep: Weird, very vivid dreams but other than sleeping okay and pretty comfortable.

Best moment this week: Feeling baby kick "officially" for the first time.  I thought I had been feeling the baby for awhile but I was sort of "iffy" about whether or not it was in fact baby.  Well, Sunday there was not mistaking it!  Those little flutters were definitely baby!

Worst moment this week: Coming down with a bad case of pink eye - of all things!  My sister-in-law told me that she had it as well when she was pregnant (twice actually) so that definitely made me feel better.

Have you told family and friends yet?: Close family and friends

Miss anything?: Glass of wine here or there.  But thankfully the majority of what I've been craving has been things I can in fact eat.

Movement: Yes! I definitely have felt the baby move.  It's always in the evening and some nights it's more active than others.  Sunday, was a particularly active night!  It's such an incredible feeling!

Food cravings: Chocolate ice cream and strawberries, Subway,

Anything make you queasy or sick?: A few certain foods that really made me nauseous during my first trimester but not very many.

Have you started to show? Oh yeah.  No way of really hiding it anymore.  I love it :)

Gender prediction: Everyone still thinks it's a girl

Belly button in or out?: In

Wedding rings on or off?: On

Happy or moody most of the time?: Happy!

Looking forward to: Finding out the baby's gender on April 7 and announcing it to our families on April 11!

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