pregnancy update - week 17.

Oops....missed week 16!  Oh well - not many new symptoms to report that week anyway.  Onto week 17...

How far along?: 17 weeks (I do these a week behind so I'm actually 18 weeks)

Baby is the size of: Onion.  My step-son always asks what size the baby is and when I said an onion he said - an onion cut in half or a whole onion.  When I told him a WHOLE onion he seemed shocked.  I guess he thinks an onion is really big - lol

Maternity Clothes?: Yes!  Been loving my maternity leggings, tighter tops with cardigans - I find these outfits to be the most comfy and flattering.  Also wore some maternity jeans this week and loved them as well.

Symptoms: Itchy tummy, vivid dreams, hungry - all. the. time.

Sleep: Sleeping okay - most comfortable on my side with a pillow between my legs.  I've been having really weird, vivid dreams lately that leave me not with the most rested of sleeps but it could be a lot worse.

Best moment this week:  Getting a diaper bag - and a Kate Spade one at that!  Love, love, love it!

Worst moment this week: nothing to report this week - it was a pretty good week all around.

Have you told family and friends yet?: Yes - well, close family and friends.

Miss anything?: Every now and again I would love to have a glass of white wine, sleeping on my tummy and maybe a turkey breast Subway sandwich.

Movement: It's hard to know but I keep feeling this same feeling in the evening (not every evening though) and I'm wondering if it's the baby.  It also could just be gas - lol

Food cravings: fruit, fruit and more fruit, peanut butter and banana toast, strawberries with chocolate ice cream

Anything make you queasy or sick?: Nothing specific - I had a quesy feeling day on Saturday where not much appealed to me.  Sort of felt like the first trimester again.

Have you started to show? Yes!

Gender prediction: My husband still thinks it's a girl as do most of our family.  I still have no idea!

Belly button in or out?: In

Wedding rings on or off?: On!

Happy or moody most of the time?: Happy!

Looking forward to: next week's 18 week doctor's appt.  Can't wait to hear it's little heartbeat again!

 xo, Megan

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